Adventures Around Scotland

Discovering Scotland

Today, more than 5 million people call Scotland home, including me! It may sound like a small town on a map, but it actually covers over 30,400 square miles and has over 11,000 miles of coastline, which is often a challenge. From the fort’s fishing port in Aberdeenshire and the beautiful and colourful ports of Fife to miles of white sandy Hebridean beaches and boulders on the bird on the diverse beach of Mull of Galloway in Scotland.

Of course, we also have over 790 islands. Many of them are inhabited and if you think you like a short ferry ride to the island for two or three, I recommend it.

Mountains, breathtaking beaches, 7 beautiful cities and countless attractive towns and villages make Scotland a special travel destination. Without forgetting a hundred magnificent palaces, old brochures, legendary stone districts, award-winning cathedrals, museums and art galleries that tell rich and often difficult Scottish stories of the past.

And for the adventurous there are a number of casinos that you’ll find in Scotland, these include the Grosvenor Casino in Edinburgh, the Alea Glasgow Casino and the Grosvenor Casino in Dundee.

These casinos hotspots will provide you with the best table and card games such as poker, baccarat, roulette, craps and there’s also a few slots for you to play.

If it’s a little whiskey, you’re never far from a distillery in Scotland and most offer tasteful tours. If you want to see wildlife, you can enjoy reindeer, feathered mountain cows, secret beavers, golden houses, fun jungles and moving mountain ranges. Of course, you cannot visit Scotland and taste the traditional Scottish cuisine. Fortunately, we have many excellent restaurants and cafes that offer local food and drinks.

If you plan to visit Scotland to see all of these wonders, the information in this guide will help you plan your trip. If you think your vacation will receive more personal support from me, check out my Scotland trip planning options.

Best time to go to Scotland

The best time to visit Scotland largely depends on what you plan, what you want to see and your budget. The choice of summer or winter has advantages and disadvantages.

In summer, all the attractions are open, the park is in full bloom and the days are long and sunny. However, summer is also the most expensive and busiest time to visit.

Winter is definitely the cheapest and the most quietest time to come. There is little traffic on the street as most tourists go there, so you can have popular places for them. There are also major winter festivals in Scotland. However, many tourist attractions are closed due to the season and the weather can be more negative.

A good obligation is to visit in the spring and fall.

Spring is the time of year when attractions are open for this time of year, the weather warms up a bit and the snowy road may not be closed.

Autumn is also a good time to visit: the light and the color of the landscape are the best.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest art festival in the world and takes place in August. It is an exciting and exciting time to be in the city and the atmosphere makes it a chosen event for many visitors to Scotland. When you visit us, you should know that the streets, accommodation, tourist sites and restaurants are very busy. If possible, order in advance. If you are not interested in visiting the festival, you should not plan a city trip in August as accommodation is quickly full and prices are high.

Another thing to watch out for during the Scottish summer is the terrible summit, which I will discuss in more detail below. All of these factors must be taken into account when deciding on the best time of year to visit Scotland.

Scottish Weather

Weather is the most popular topic of discussion in Scotland and one of the questions I ask the most and perhaps the most difficult to answer. The Scottish climate can only change. Sometimes humid, sometimes sunny, sometimes windy, it’s true that we can live four seasons in one day!

The north is generally cooler, although I like the Orkney Islands when it rains in the south of Scotland. The weather on the east coast tends to be drier than in the west, although I had a good sunny day in Bute when it rained in the east. heavy.

As you may have guessed, even the locals could not forecast Scottish weather well in advance. Our periods are not as defined in other countries. As a result, winter snow is not always guaranteed and summer can be hot and sunny or cold and rainy. In Scotland, you can refer to a forecast the day before the scheduled activity for a clearer, but not entirely reliable, message. Now you can understand why the locals want to talk about the weather, which is a constant mystery and surprise!

Another thing to consider when planning a trip is summer. Our longest day is June, the “summer solstice” where you can enjoy about 17 hours a day depending on Scotland. If you are here at the other end of the stairs in December and are experiencing a “winter solstice”, the day is only approx. 6 hours. Do not let winter prevent you from visiting us as I will explain many benefits below.

Last modified: 12 March 2021